Student are advised to adhere to the following rules in order to maintain discipline in the school
School expects the co-operation of the parents to ensure.

a) That the child should come to school regularly, be punctual and dressed neatly and correctly.
b) that the child brings the school dairy every day.

To see the notes which may be made in the school dairy by the education.
When writing to the school regarding the child, parents should mention the name, the standard and section of the child.
The parents and the guardians are not allowed to see pupils or interview teachers during classes.
A child who has been absent from school without leave application will not be allowed to attend the class without permission
Personal cleanliness and hygiene is expected of all pupils. Those who attend the school without clean uniform may be sent home.
Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct causing injury to the moral tone of the school will be considered sufficient reason for dismissal of a pupil at the discretion of the school authorities.
The parents are expected to pay fee on time, to send messages, progress reports or other similar notifications when so requested.
The parents are requested not to call the educators on their personal mobile numbers at odd hours. They can contact the educators on their personal mobile numbers during the school hours – 9372295095, 9326459557
Parents advice and suggestions are always welcome provided they are for the welfare of all and not an individual.
All major permission should be obtained directly from the Principal.
Breakage of furniture or destruction of school property will result in fine payment by the whole class.
If student go to participate in competitions outside Wardha, then 50% expenses will be borne by the parents.
Student should speak in English only in the school permises.
Care should be taken to send enough nutritious food in tiffin. One napkin, spoon and enough water should also to be sent.