Our Inspiration

Hon.Shri L. T. PisulkarCHAIRMAN Institute of education in the country has a widespread inspiration to edify and inculcate in students aptitude to think, to analyze, to construe, and to conclude the essentials and suppose that the learning should be permeable and it should be conscience.

Swami Vivekananad International School was a mission come true with the idea that education makes a man. This is a place to help students to differentiate between mediocres and
the excellent.

Hon. Dr. G. L. PisulkarOrthopedic Surgeon
Apparition, prescience and stratagem are the tools required to embark the voyage of success. It gives me an immense sensation of contentment and pleasure to perceive the accomplishment of dream of my beloved Father in the shape of Om College of Engineering at Inzapur, Wardha.

We comprehend that education now a days is not a mundane concern, restricted to only chalks and talks. We are taking all efforts to replace it with multi directional, group workshop methods combine with high technology and excellent infrastructure. We believe that academia and academic institutes are the fulcrum of any growth – be in human, economic and socio-economic.

Hon.Dr. S. G. PisulkarADVISOR Swami Vivekanand defined education as “the manifestation of perfection already in man.” An institution or education becomes truely educational when it turns from its attention inwards, towards the discovery of self. At the outset, I am privileged to take this opportunity to heartily congratulate all staff members of SVIS,Pawnar who get together as family and pour their untiring efforts full of zeal to make each venture a grand success under the able guidance and constant encouragement of our Director Academics, Dr. Surendra Dass and Principal Mrs. Archana Golcha. The students are also full of zeal and always ready to accept opportunities to excel in various activities not only scholastic but also co-scholastic, and prove the best of their abilities everywhere. With the aim of the school to Excel beyond excellence, there is no doubt in my mind that with the grace of Almighty and with all of us standing together, working hand in hand, we will definitely emerge as “The Best”.