School Report

Dear Parents,

It is almost three months since the academic session for the year 2012-13 commenced. It has also been some time since the management under the able leadership of Hon’ble Chairman Shri L.T.Pisulkar, the strong support of Director Academics Dr.Surendra Dass, Secretary Dr.G.L.Pisulkar and Advisor Dr.S.G.Pisulkar have paved the way towards improvement and development in all aspects of school growth and holistic development of the students. There has been 100%participation by the Board of Governors on establishment of learning theories, formulating school policies and procedures, excellence in interpersonal skills to name a few. Our Board of Governors is focused and offer knowledgeable expertise to provide solid financial and strategic direction for SVIS.

Swami Vivekananda International School is now truly striving to become an International School in the city of Wardha by the tremendous support of parents and educators.

At SVIS, every day is a celebration in itself, which has become a tradition at the school. It is this exercise which has been able to hold every child in a unique bond which teaches them to respect every faith, adore every tradition.


As a Principal I would like to share with you the review of this short period that I have been here.



Breaking from the conventional methods of teaching, we believe in letting the child develop a sense of inquiry. This way they learn to analyze things which in turn enhance their thinking skills. The more they explore, the better their learning skills develop, resulting in the over all development of the child. Today’s children have more knowledge about gadgets than they have of toys. This makes us look beyond the conventional methods of chalk and board, to something more modern and tech savvy.


1. This is the most important domain of the school. We have tried to bring in minute detailing towards improvement in the teaching quality and learning experience in the classroom.


2. There has been extensive use of digital classroom for audio-visual teaching based on concepts.


3. Introduction of Zero period provided Monday To Friday is a 35 minute remedial period for students needing extra help and guidance in respective subjects. Students have benefited from these classes as their doubts have been cleared and concepts reinforced. The rest of the students are engaged in watching lessons on the interactive board or are busy practicing for any forthcoming event


4. Note book correction has been given top priority. Teachers are putting in all effort to check notebooks with minimum human error and also correct note books on regular basis.


5. Completion of syllabus is an aspect which is definitely not being ignored.


6. The records of assessments, tasks performed by students are maintained by all subject teachers.


7. All examinations are conducted as per the norms and standards of CBSE.


8. Sufficient time is given for revision before the examinations.




We believe that the power of expression is the ultimate proof of an active mind. It gives us great pleasure to listen to our students. As they are what we call, ‘The voice of the future.


1. Since we consider co -scholastic activities as a very important part of students life, we have planned a year long programme. (sent to you as School Almanac)


2. Various types of interhouse and interschool competitions have been arranged for the students. Competitions like Pick & Speak, Extempore, Best Out of Waste, Rakhi Making, Patriotic Competition, and quiz contest have already been underway. More to follow are Shlok recitation in the month of September.


3. Brain Café has started a very innovative competition for students of Gr 1-VIII. Working models are made by students using science concepts. Students have given their best shot for this competition and four students are selected to zonal round.


4. A tree plantation programme was organized in the school. The students of each class planted trees with the support of their class teacher.


5. In order to develop physical fitness and agility among young children, SVIS has come up with an innovative feature in the school premises. A new wing of nature & adventure has started with hurdle games like tyre crossing, rope climbing, pit crossing, zig zag walking and many more features


6. Swami Vivekanand International School under 14 Foot ball team took part in Subroto Mukherjee cup organized by DSO of Wardha on 24July 2012.The little masters of SVIS reached up to the Finals of Subroto Cup in football and it was a wonderful achievement


7. 14 Players from Swami Vivekanand International School are selected for inter district skating event which will be held at Nagpur.




The Staff which we have handpicked, has been our pillar of strength and we are proud of them. Their delivery has been appreciated by our existing parents. This for sure gives us tremendous joy and confidence. But yes, there is always room for improvement.


1. In order to achieve a dedicated staff who will inculcate the best in the teaching industry, we have recently conducted an educational audit under the leadership of Academic Director – Dr.Surendra Dass. Eminent professionals from the education fraternity visited the school and gave a scientific analysis of the same.


2. A short duration workshop is being organized for teachers in the month of September to inculcate innovative ideas in teaching learning methodology. This will enhance the tasks to be performed for students and improve skills in teaching




1. It is our priority to give the added value to the students. The quality of class rooms, soft boards, student cupboards have seen an improvement. Boards have been provided for house work and competitions.


2. E- Learning with interactive Boards.


3. CCTV cameras fitted in classrooms.


4. Skating Rink of 100 ft X 60 ft.


5. Olympiads and scholarship exams.


6. Uninterrupted Power Supply through Generator.


7. Latest Generation Computer Lab.


8. Assembly stage for conduction of assembly and programmes.


9. Bus facilities with drivers and caring conductors


10. Special care is taken for student hygiene and first aid at school.




1. Introduction of parent assembly where in a parent is invited in the assembly to address the students. This creates a bonding among the parent-student-teacher.


2. School excursion to Jaipur which will add fun and excitement. This is for the first time that students from SVIS will visit a historical city as a part of school programme. Field trips are a wonderful educational experience for students. These events create lasting memories for the students. They provide hands-on learning opportunities that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.


3. Students needing extra assistance in academics are receiving coaching from their respective subject teachers.


4. New adventure zone has been introduced in the school premises to develop physical strength and adventure spirit.


5. Star of the day/week/month. Two students (Jr/Sr) are identified in the assembly and they are given an opportunity to speak on a given topic.


6. Class teachers along with other educators identify children with the star quality. Students who excel in academics, turn out of uniform, good behavior and leadership qualities are awarded the stars.


7. Field Trips are made a part of school curriculum. Each month the students will be taken on educational trips eg. Industrial visits, dental college, Gram Panchayat, milk diary to mention a few.


8. Students are given opportunities to take part in various intraschool /interschool activities. Please check the school almanac for the same.


9. A school almanac ( calendar) has been prepared and sent to all parents to of the year round activities/events/examination.


10. Newsletter of SVIS to be in your hands very soon.


Considering these few aspects, I hope that SVIS is definitely moving ahead by leaps and bounds. You are free to give your suggestions and valuable comments to me at: OR